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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  October 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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those blue jays. game one approximately 51 hours from now but who is counting at progressive field. the indians perfect in the post-season there. >> denise: just like the cavs the indians have to beat a team from toronto to compete for a championship. anthony li in. a is live from progressive field now. here we go, anthony. >> this is great. it conjures up all those memories of the '90s. the teams that goes to the alcs and legends were made. we t tomy, albert bell. now it is these guys turn taking batting practice and gearing up for a huge friday and huge weekend to begin the alcs against the toronto blue jays. now we talk about legends being made in the fall. sometimes it happens earlier. this might have been the play of the year against the blue jays. this same blue jay team a tie ball game in the ninth and it was lobbed deep to left and a walk-off inside the park home run.
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the celebration at home plate was incredible. they are still talking about it to this day. it lives on the internet forever and he as a first year player in the post-season is pretty pumped about all the special moments coming ahead. >> it is going to be a lot of fun. be my first year. i'm getting kind of spoiled. these guys bringing me on this long ride of a season. i am a rookie and i get to be in this. just a lot of good guys leading the way. you've got ni down the roster. going to be a fun, fun atmosphere. >> reporter: a little bit of news from tito. cloover starts and then bower and tomlin game three and clevenger is calculated for game four. could be that bullpen game depending on if he is used in the first two games in the
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plenty of rest for that rotation. indians planning all kind of family-friendly activities before the game friday night. a band is going to perform live on gateway plaza and swi in. son food truck and bud and burgers truck for fans over 21. the fans encouraging everyone to wear their red tribe gear friday night. stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of this magnificent ride jays alcs. find the latest updates on our mobile app or head over to our facebook and twitter pages. >> denise: early voting started today here in ohio and there was a line of people waiting to get in this morning. the cuyahoga county board of elections just closed moments ago but the office will be open until 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and it will be open on weekends later on this month. parma schools are dealing
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found a $9 million clerical error. district leaders checked it out and they admitted a mistake. but it doesn't actually save parma schools any money. the $9 million was just in the wrong column. parma is still discussing closing several schools. it also plans to lay off some 70 teachers. cleveland police are on alert tonight. a 12-year-old girl told officers a man tried to lure her car. >> anchor: big scare, obviously, for that young girl and her mother. especially after recent reports of other child enticements. denise zarrella live in cleveland with the details. it must have been terrifying for that little girl, denise. >> reporter: had to be absolutely terrifying. that 12-year-old girl rode on her bike as fast as she could at lincoln preparatory school and today they had added security as the kids left for school after
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>> i'm scared for my kids to even walk to the store now. >> reporter: erica is a parent who lives near the intersection where a 12-year-old girl told police that a man in what may have been a black jeep liberty like this one with tinted windows and a missing spare tire in the back beeped the horn. the girl told police the man told her to get in, so she fled on her back back to lincoln preparatory school. today school officials released a statement saying, quote, the police were called and a statement was given about the lincoln preparatory wants all families to know that we have taken serious action toward this incident. we will have police activity in the neighborhood and staff members will be placed around the area of the school during arrival and dismissal and extra security guard will be present during dismissal to make sure child and/or children are safe. brianna jones lives near the intersection where the girl says she was approached. jones says she thinks she has seen a vehicle similar to the
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area. >> i think maybe they just saw something that they liked, and they just wanted to pick her up. i'm not saying it is a good thing, but i feel like -- i don't think they are being intentional about it. >> reporter: meanwhile buchanan says she won't let her children play outside alone anymore. >> so much going on in this world. we need to come to peace. >> reporter: i reached out to cleveland police a short time ago. they told me they haven't made any arrests in this case, but they asked us to keep the description of that there. a possible black jeep liberty. definitely a black vehicle. they asked us to get the description of the suspect out there, although it is not very good. just a white male in a hoodie. if you have any information, you are asked to call cleveland police immediately. we are asking questions and getting answers here in cleveland, cleveland 19. >> anchor: disturbing story to tell you about. a youngstown man taped the heartbreaking moment he told his
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drug overdose. >> mommy died last night. >> anchor: after a lengthy ethical discussion, we chose to blur the child's face out of respect for the boy but it is just another instance showing how addiction affects young victims. coming up in just a few minutes at the bottom of the hour, we are talking about a child psychologist about the affects of putting videos like this out there. it was judgment day for a pair of summit county women. >> denise: a mother and admitted their role in the heroin overdose death of a 16-year-old boy. harry boomer is live outside the courthouse in akron now. harry, what did the judge say? >> reporter: the judge scolded those women saying they had many chances to turn their lives around. instead, their illegal drug use led to the death of a family member at a hotel when they all did drugs. >> the ultimate price is not
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the ultimate price was paid by andrew. >> this mother heather frye and her mother brenda frye boats pleaded guilty to voluntary matmanslaughter of andrew frye k in april. the summit county judge was not easy on the long-time mother and daughter addicts. >> both of you know the cycle you are in. mother, you know the cycle you were brought up in and yet your son in the same cycle. you knew he did the drugs. you knew he saw you do the drugs. >> reporter: long-time drug use as it often does turned deadly. it did for 16-year-old andrew frye. that fact was acknowledged by his uncle scott. >> no matter what, nothing can bring back andrew. so we just remember him in a good way. i think they're both remorseful
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>> how bad was the addiction? >> it was bad. they both had a bad addiction. >> reporter: the judge says the whole crime boils down to the lack of personal responsibility and bad choices. brenda, the grandmother, received nine years for involuntary manslaughter and 18 months for trafficking in heroin. heather gets nine years also for involuntary months for tampering with evidence. the bottom line it didn't have to lead to death but it did. harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> denise: to another family tragedy tonight. a rocky river man accused of shooting his own daughter twice in the head. >> anchor: the man was arraigned in court today. mark nolan joining us now to tell us what comes next? >> mark: tahani was shot in the home she shared with her
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her father jamal arraigned in court today. he pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated murder, murder, and felonious assault. his bond was lowered from $4 million to $1 million. he was given home detention gps if he makes bail with some pretty tight stipulations. >> so he will not be able to leave the home location for any reason without court order. ma youngest of six children, rocky river grad and doctor of pharmacy degree. there was speculation this was an honor killing. the father's defense attorney says no. the next court date has net to be set. getting answers, mark nolan, cleveland 19. >> denise: thank you. wow, what a day. sunny and warmer. >> anchor: perhaps the best news of the first block is the glorious day we all enjoyed. jeff, how long will it last? >> jeff: a few more hours. it is not this way tomorrow.
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11:00 tonight heading into the overnight this is what's going to be moving in. we have rain and even a little thunder. you can see that on the indiana/michigan border there is a thunderstorm there. as you can see, we are dry. we have temperatures well into the 70s right now and a little on the windy side but that wind, of course, is out of the south. tonight we have that alert. 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. that's the timing of these showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder. winds will continue to gust over here comes the cold front. this is going to be a big one here. a noticeable change in temperature tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow night there is going to be a frost potential as we will be dropping into the 30s. but look at that temperature in sandusky at 80, 78 in cleveland. everybody well in the 70s before the big change. more on that later on in the half hour. here's traffic. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford.
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leaf, 77 and 480 everything moving smoothly in all directions. however, an accident reported on the east shoreway outbound at east 260th. there is slow traffic in the area and the shoulder is blocked. so be advised on the east shoreway outbound if are you traveling through that area. cleveland's near the top of another national list. this both good and bad news, i guess. lawn care company rank the cities for potential haunted houses. cleveland was fifth in the country. the list was based on the number of old and vacant homes in an area. great for halloween fans, however, all those empty houses problem in some neighborhoods quite obviously. >> denise: absolutely. >> anchor: lawn care company. excellent marketing. >> denise: i guess a good way to spot them. all right. still ahead here at 5:00, teen driving deaths. more young people are dying
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>> denise: the number of teenagers involved in deadly car crashes is going up for nearly the first time in a decade. >> anchor: teen drivers are 1.5 times more likely to be involved in a deadly crash. >> reporter: donovan was about to start his senior year of high school.
5:15 pm
teen's girlfriend was speeding, lost control and hit a tree. donovan wasn't wearing his seat belt. he was ejected and killed instantly. >> i can't even describe what it felt like in that moment to be standing on the crash site looking down at a yellow tarp knowing that my son was underneath it. >> reporter: almost a decade later speeding remains the top mistake teens make behind the wheel. of the nearly 14,000 fatal crashes involving teen drivers over the last five years, more than 4200 involve speed. >> i think one of the disturbing things it is that it not getting any better. >> tamara johnson said parents were more guilty of bad driving than teens. 65% of driving instructors claim parents were worse at teaching their children to drive than a decade ago. >> when parents set stricter rules for the teens before they get behind the wheel they have less crashes. >> reporter: after speeding it
5:16 pm
>> i thought it was snap chatting but he was texts. >> reporter: for that violation christian got a ticket. >> do you text and drive a lot? >> normally no. my mom got on me when i first started driving. i was running late getting my oil changed. >> reporter: the third big mistake is not scanning the road for hazards. this teen fails to notice another teen running the light. >> stop, hit the >> anchor: new research shows a third of teens are now waiting until they are 18 to get their driver's licenses. >> denise: now a cleveland 19 news consumer alert for you. next year social security checks will have a little something extra. emphasis on the word little. more than 66 million beneficiaries will get a pay increase between 2% and 2.5%. now that adds up to roughly $2
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that's it. it is the smallest increase to date. look ma, no hands. according to bmw, this is the motorcycle of the future. it is called the motorad vision next 100 that has self-balancing wheels and requires a kick stand only when shut down. it will have road sensors to help avoid crashes. that bike, by the way, is still in development. >> anchor: play stations, virtual reality is set to launch the game will offer an easy-to-use experience for the over 40 million gamers who already own playstation 4. retameers will host local midnight openings at select stores across the country. the cost for the game system, $399. ronald mcdonald is making fewer appearances these days. mcdonald's says it is being thoughtful by lowering the mascot's profile. this comes in response to multiple reports of people
5:18 pm
like trying to lure children into the woods. >> jeff: okay. you know, i like to use this map when we have -- this temperature map when we have these strong cold fronts. especially this time of year because you can clearly see what's going on. 78 in cleveland, so we're still well in the 70s here in ohio. front is right around here and then chicago at 57. so that's the a to be coming in by morning. of course, we are going to get some rain and perhaps some thunder with it. first we have to increase the cloud cover and that will happen fairly quickly here this evening. the clouds are already starting to increase in sandusky and toledo. again, there's the front. showers and storms along it. then we've got the big -- the significant drop in temperature. it is going to be an over 20-degree drop in temperature from what we are seeing now to what we see tomorrow.
5:19 pm
and then get ready for the temperature change. a fairly quick shot of rain. it is not going to be with us for long. pretty stiff south wind about 15 to 25 mile an hour wind and allowing temperatures to warm. it is still going to be that way early this evening. 8:00 tonight still well in the 60s. still in the 60s for the most part at 11:00 tonight and then 2:00 in the morning that's when the rain will be developing and then look right around 50 looks like low 50s 8:00 a.m. and we don't move much in temperature. basically 50s throughout the day. 8:00 tonight on future view this is the rain coming in. 11:00 tonight it is approaching the western counties and by 2:00 in the morning we are going to have showers in the area. again, perhaps a rumble or two of thunder. the early morning drive tomorrow
5:20 pm
9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning the rain clears out of here. and then by afternoon the clouds are going to break up. so we will see sunshine tomorrow, but it won't do much to warm things up. this is a pretty chilly air mass coming in. so it is rain and thunder tonight, windy. by morning i have us at 49 degrees. akron-canton rain and thunder overnight for you. you will be dry this evening, upper 40s for the temperature by morning and then a clearing sky tomorrow but high. 56. after about 78, 79 today you will notice the change tomorrow. 7:00 a.m, 49. at noon 53. so we've got showers still during the 7:00 a.m. hour but then we clear out the clouds and only in the 50s. tomorrow night we could be dealing with frost advisories. heads up there, gardeners. friday mostly sunny and 60. dropping through the 50s friday night for the tribe game. but look at the weekend.
5:21 pm
saturday looking pleasant, 68, increasing clouds. warm saturday night. i have a clam bake to go to on saturday so that will be nice. showers and storms though sunday, windy. and then monday partly cloudy, 71. it looks warm the first half of next week. >> denise: enjoy your clam bake. >> jeff: love that time of year. >> anchor: coming you on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, a 1980s band making new music
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now you can get affordable, reliable medicare coverage from a name you can trust. anthem blue cross and blue shield. call us today, toll free at... 1-844-731-5981. that's 1-844-731-5981. >> anchor: time for eye on entertainment. tom hanks went from northeast ohio to hollywood and in line for a major award. >> denise: major
5:25 pm
>> denise: drake does neat love. he just canceled the remainder of his summer 16 tour. drake suffered a severe ankle injury and did his best to power through but doctors said that just made it worse. >> anchor: british trio is planning a new album and tour. itil recording in almost three years. no word on tour dates outside europe or russia. >> mayday, mayday. we have lost thrust on both engines. >> denise: it was hollywood's version after mid-air emergency. tom hanks will receive the hollywood actors award for his role in "sully."
5:26 pm
sullenberger. we claim him as our own. >> anchor: he is the best playing the every man hero. great role. >> denise: great actor. coming up, it has been a rough and tumble campaign for president. why it has the potential to get
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den diden den let's talk politi. this campaign season has been filled with nasty attacks. >> anchor: donald trump launching new attacks on two fronts and hillary clinton is on the offensive after more emails are released. ryan noble is live in d.c. covering campaign 2016. good evening,n. you. as donald trump started to bleed support from some top republicans, the candidate views the experience as almost kathardic and said he was unshackled and the last few weeks of the campaign could get uglier. there may be no better indication of the direction the race for president is headed than two new ads released by both campaigns in the last 24 hours. first, the clinton campaign.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: and from the trump camp. >> hillary clinton only cares about power, money, and herself. >> reporter: the g.o.p. candidate who rarely held back at any point during this campaign says he is now feeling completely free. and he is going after clinton including linking her to her husband's past infacilities. >> the reprehensible actions of hilly and bill clinton that have destroyed and hurt so many lives. >> reporter: clinton is not backing down. she is highlighting the controversial things that trump has said and to some of his direct attacks. >> the differences between me and my opponent are pretty clear. to paraphrase my friend michelle obama, one of us went high and one of us went low. >> reporter: but this new, even tougher posture by trump, could be problematic for clinton. polls show clinton with the lead there is evidence that trump's hard core support remains in place. if the campaign continues on this ugly path, it could keep
5:32 pm
participating. >> voters who liked bernie sanders, voters who don't like her, republican defenders who don't like trump will never vote for him but don't want to vote for hillary. >> reporter: in several key swing states the margin is far too close for the clinton campaign to take anything for granted. the clinton has problems of their own. more state department emails are scheduled to be released as part of the scandal with her private emailer time as secretary of state and the wikileak hacks. media organizations are piling through tens of thousands of emails from one of clinton's top aids john podesta. chris and denise? >> denise: let's talk about the wikileak emails. do we know what's in them? could there be something damaging to mrs. clinton? >> as i said before, there are tens of thousands of these
5:33 pm
fact, has a live blog where our reporters are pouring through them and every time will is something of substance there it is posted online immediately. you have to take these emails in context. they might not be all of an entire conversation, and the campaign is being very coy about them. they are not directly refuting their authenticity but keep reminding us there is a chance russia could be behind the hack. if you are looking for one thing in particular there is an email exchange involvingn and a communications aid where they talk about catholics and prominent media moguls being catholics and on that email exchange, palmary ma makes a beg catholic is better looked at from some people. she said she doesn't remember the conversation. the trump campaign is jumping all over it. they held a conference call
5:34 pm
catholics and mike pence who describes himself as a condition certify have a at this catholic say at liberty university the clinton campaign should immediately apologize to people of faith because of the email. you can see how it could be a problem. >> denise: almost a million catholics here. >> anchor: thank you. we will catch you too many, ryan. >> denise: stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. you can always find updates on or on facebook or twitter. >> anchor: another gorgeous day but jeff said fleetingly so. >> denise: hope you didn't get the car washed. >> jeff: it is going to rain tonight. it will be later on this evening. the alert we have it kicking in at about 1:00 in the morning. so mainly going to be an overnight thing. showers, thunder, around a quarter inch. strong cold front coming through. you are definitely going to feel it tomorrow. winds gusting over 25.
5:35 pm
now. those winds will stay up tonight. so we are dry currently. here is the rain. a couple of embedded thunderstorms in here. this one in northeast indiana, a little bit of lightning with that. but, you know, we're not looking at widespread storms with this. and as we check out the future view model, by 11:00 tonight there you see the rain moving through sandusky. it will be in the cleveland area, akron-canton at about 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. and then tomorrow showers. so the early part to your commute during the morning will feature wet roads. but look at this. by 8:00 tomorrow morning most of the rain is out. just some leftover showers and then by 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow we will be dry. as a matter of fact, the clouds even break up. 7:00 tonight still at 73. it is going to be warm. 9:00 a mixed sky, 68 and the
5:36 pm
mostly cloudy and 63. after that we will see the temperature drop as the rain arrives. current numbers, 79 in sandusky. what a day. these temperatures about 13 degrees or so above normal. we're at 78 in cleveland. that was the high for the day. so it is rain and thunder tonight. here comes the front. noticeable change on the way tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow night with a clear sky there is a frost potential once again and this could be more frost situation. clearing out tomorrow, much cooler. only 56 for the high. hour-by-hour lower to mid 50s at 8:00 a.m, rain stops. 11:00 in the morning 53 and holding steady in the mid 50s throughout the afternoon. clearing out as well akron-canton after the rain moves through and about 59 your expected high. it doesn't stay cool. you will see that in the seven day later in the half hour.
5:37 pm
we told you earlier in the newscast about the man in youngstown capturing the moment he told his son that the boy's mother died of a drug overdose. >> denise: that dad even posted the video on facebook and it has now been viewed more than 25 million times. we chose to blur the child's face out of respect for the young boy, but not before a lengthy ethics discussion here in our newsroom. and we're asking questions tonight about the affects of putting videos like this out there for everyone to s from rainbow babies and chinars children's hospital. >> anchor: thank you for joining us. i want to get your initial reaction to seeing this video of a father telling his son and intentionally capturing the moment. >> well, i can say i was taken back. i thought it wasn't a real video the first time i watched it.
5:38 pm
wondered why the parent was videoing this news break to his son for the world to see. that came to mind. >> denise: what do you think -- are there long-term affects this could have on the child? you think about the trauma of losing a parent at such a young age and other kids at school how cruel they can be. now it is on facebook permanently forever and he is going to know this happened to him. >> well, i think the first question to ask one's self would i want to have a video posted of me with the news breaking to me that my mother had died in a tragic way? would i want that? it is hard for me to imagine wanting that to be, you know, on social media.
5:39 pm
what's good for the child? is this a good exercise for the child? i would have to say there are probably more negatives than positives. >> anchor: the father said, going back to your initial inquiry what his motivations were, he put in his post he wanted to do this to show other addicts like himself, he claims 94 days clean, that this is what it could come to. >> denise: harsh reality. >> anchor: any benefit to that? >> that's a good question to say is there any good from what was was there any good or is it just all negative? i do think there might be good in that it is broadcasting, you know, out there the epidemic we have in this region. >> anchor: sure. >> that is really impacting our families and our children. in that sense it is good to, you know, raise the awareness. i think there are other ways to do that, though.
5:40 pm
decision to put something on social media, a father or a parent could expose himself and his reaction but maybe be protective of how his child might be reacting. that's something that we all want to revisit moments in times and replay them. i don't know if that's one of them. >> anchor: thank you so much for joining us, doctor. >> you're welcome. >> denise: our thoughts and prayers to that young man and his family tonight with dan deroos. he is getting more reaction from social media to this story, and he is joining us now with what people are saying online. dan? >> quite the debate going on on this. much like the conversation you just had with the doctor there. some people rewarding it saying this maybe does have the chance to make change. other people completely disagreeing. let's go to the first comment here by angela who says this is heartbreaking but i'm thankful that he was willing to video it. the world needs to see the raw picture.
5:41 pm
isn't hurting anyone. stop ignoring the signs that your family members or close friends could be users. speak up and help. but not everybody agrees, as we just said. don't think that needed to be on facebook but condolences to the family. shannon agrees with that gentleman saying you're an idiot. i feel terrible for your son but posting this online isn't helping him or anyone else. but let's get to one more that does agree with putting that video up. the beauty, and the ugly. oh, my heart hurts for this child. this is one of thousands of children all over the world who live this as the real world, real life because of drugs. very interesting conversation goes on. go to the cleveland 19 facebook page. we've, obviously, posted it there. you really should watch the entire video for yourself before you make up your own opinion. and then, of course, leave your answer as to how the video makes you feel and if you think it was
5:42 pm
center, dan deroos, back to you. >> anchor: thank you. we both watched. it is tragic, heartbreaking. >> denise: as a parent it is very tough to watch. honestly, i don't want to see it again. >> anchor: right. >> denise: it is hard. >> anchor: hope the best for the father and son moving forward. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, grim reaper walking the streets but it is not a halloween stunt. actually it is a message to help
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
>> anchor: the grim reaper is walking the streets of downtown pittsburgh. don't worry, he is doing the opposite of what you may expect. >> keep your phone down. you're going to get -- you're going to meet me is what you're going to meet. >> anchor: wow! he is so curt. the grim reaper saving lives actually. the actor is part of a safety campaign called look alive. it is a program designed to raise awareness about walking and driving. >> denise: so important these days. cover girl now has its first cover boy. social media celebrity james charles was introduced as the cosmetic giants first male ambassador. the 17-year-old make-up artist will appear in a tv commercial for the brand. the teen blogger has nearly half a million instagram followers
5:46 pm
wow. romona? error>> romona: at 6:00 friendsp through reading. we show you how it works. a local school is seeing double. wait until you haymow many twins and triplets they have this year. we have those stories and much more when you join mark and me
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>> denise: those tiny houses are the craze but the trend turned into a crime for a california woman. melinda crighton is trying to avoid paying a mortgage but thieves stole her house under construction in sacramento and someone rolled it away. >> my house is stolen. >> this is the first one in my many years that i have heard of a tiny house or a house that was stolen. >> denise: police did find the
5:50 pm
nothing inside or out was stolen or damaged. thank goodness. >> anchor: from football to baseball now miracle worker perhaps. that's what some are calling former heisman trophy winner tim tebow. a man collapsed during an arizona fall league game. tebow is trying out baseball with the mets. he suffered an apparent seizure. tebow rushed over, said a prayer and moments later the man sat up. >> i just think one of the awesome things -- it was fun. obviously, i wish i could have done more at the plate. >> anchor: settle for the miracle, timmy. tebow a little more concerned about his action on the field and brushed off any hero talk. the man that collapsed, by the way, he is expected to be okay. pinpointing the weather will you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: hi. we knew it was going to a beautiful day out there.
5:51 pm
night as the big cold front is going to be coming through here. you know when you get into this time of year these fronts can mean business and this one will. not so much the rain. i'm not really anticipating a real heavy rain threat here around a quarter inch. could be a little thunder as well. the timing on the rain 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 in the morning. after that we dry out tomorrow. and wind gusts over 25 as this front comes through. so we were 78 tomorrow. 56 is what i'm thinking for the high with a clearing sky. in fact, tomorrow night with clear skies, dry air, light wind, 36 the low. that could lead to widespread frost away from the lake shore and away from the city limits. so i think tomorrow night could be our first kind of real big frost situation into early friday morning. mostly sunny on friday and 60.
5:52 pm
evening will feature temperatures dropping through the 50s. so it is going to be definitely cool friday night downtown. increasing clouds on saturday 68. as we go back up saturday night it will be warm. we only drop down to 65 and then we've got the alert on sunday with the next round of rain and storms. it will be windy, 75 the high. look at next week, partly cloudy monday, 71 and by next tuesday we could be again, denise. >> denise: unreal. all right. thanks, jeff. coming up on cleveland 19 news, the nfl is in a ratings slump. fewer people tuning in to watch
5:53 pm
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>> anchor: praying pokemon go can add years to your life if you maintain that activity. frequent users of the app took 26% more steps than they did before playing the game. it is estimated the app has added a total of more than 144 billion steps to physical
5:56 pm
>> denise: they better watch out for the grim reaper guy. just sayin'. the nfl continues to get sacked. over the first five weeks ratings are down more than 10%. cbs along with fox, nbc and espn will pay roughly $40 billion to air the games through 2020. advertisers are shelling out up to $700,000 for just a 30-second spot during the games. but browns games, listen to this, many of them a here on cleveland 19, of course. they continue to do well in the ratings because we have such loyal fans. >> anchor: i was going to say that says it all about the fans if not the team. >> denise: that's it. absolutely. die hards. >> anchor: yeah. coming up next at 6:00 on cleveland 19 news, more from the emotional heartbreak of the heroin admission. we're hearing from the dad who taped that moment he told his son that his mother died from a
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> romona: a viral video highlights the growing drug proble heartbreaking news to his son. >> mommy died. >> romona: people are dying, families are being torn apart. tonight we are digging deeper into our heroin epidemic. after a lengthy discussion out of respect we have chosen to blur the little boy's face you saw in that video. >> mark: it has been viewed 25 million times on facebook since the youngstown dad posted it. catherine bosley talked to him today. >> as much as that video is
6:00 pm
who put the video out there says will is nothing anyone can say to make him rethink it. >> i have to tell you. >> reporter: it is both heartbreaking and jaw dropping to watch. >> that was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do. >> reporter: brenden bickerstaff-clark of youngstown giving his son the worse news possible. almost incomprehensive for the 8-year-old. >> you mean my mom? >> yes. >> how? f [crying] >> reporter: in fact, this father says his son's mom who last saw her boy last year died of a heroin overdose this weekend. and the motive behind recording and posting his son's reaction for the world to see is to drive home another reality of the epidemic. >> if you have kids and you love your kids, put your kids first. go get help. go get treatment so nobody has to tell your kids that you died from a drug overdose one day like i had to do.


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